“Er besitzt technische Perfektion und Leichtigkeit, dazu eine farbenprächtige Palette magischer Töne und durch die Zirkular-Atmung den endlosen Atem eines Streichinstruments.”.

Kölner Rundschau

“Das wendig-schlanke Spiel des jungen Slowenen gab den Rahmensätzen einen mitreißenden Drive; sein ausgeprochen reiner, klar fokussierter Ton erfüllte das Adagio mit einer intimen Poesie, die sich in der Reprise noch verdichtete.”

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

“Blaz was the deserving winner of the 2019 Carl Nielsen competition. He showed immense qualities from the start and is able to communicate with the audience his joy of music making. His technical skill and warm sound will make him stand out as a true individual. I wish him well for a very bright future”.

Michael Collins

“a bold programme selection that presents the master student of François Benda as a versatile musician.”

Das Orchester

“When Blaz Sparovec set the first tone on his clarinet to play Mozart’s famous A major concert, it was clear to many that this would be the winner. The 20-year-old Slovenian turned the final round of the International Wind Competition into a Young Masters Concert. He elicited as much enamel, warmth, depth and otherworldly sound of wonder from his instrument as is rarely heard even from star clarinettists.”

Der Westen, 2014

“His interpretation of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A major is already so sophisticated that he was able to captivate the audience with his musical performance from the first to the last movement. Especially in the heartbreaking Adagio he elicits a warm, deep sound and perfectly controlled high notes from his clarinet.”

Fono Forum

“To put it bluntly: Blaz Sparovec succeeds brilliantly  .. thanks to the twenty-one-year-old’s ability to guide his instrument like the human voice … Sparovec’s articulation is crystal-clear, his phrasing highly vivid … creating the purest joy of playing and joie de vivre.”